Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Free Nexon Cash

If you are a MapleStory fan or player, you are most likely looking for ways to get Free Nexon Cash. Well, I have found the best way for you to be able to get Free Nexon Cash codes sent directly to your email.

This method does not require you to give away any of your account information and this is not a Nexon Cash Generator. This method simply requires you to sign up to this rewards website. This rewards website gets paid by advertisers for every survey that is done. So when you complete a survey on the rewards website, you are given points, or credit, on your account. When you receive enough points, you can request an Ultimate Game Card. Ultimate Game Cards provide you with a code that MapleStory (and Nexon games in general) accept in the PayByCash option. The UGC requires you to get 1200 points, which can easily be done within a day.

After you have requested the card, simply visit the official MapleStory website and redeem your code. When you have, you will be credited a certain amount of Nexon Cash to your account. I personally have used this method in order to acquire Nexon Cash for Dungeon Fighter Online. This works for all Nexon games, and over 200 other mmorpg's.

I recommend that you do not look for Nexon Cash Generators. These are often fake programs designed to either infect your computer or steal your account information. These programs will never be able to work, sipmly because if they did work; Nexon would sue the creator of such a program for lost profits. That's why this method of doing surveys for Nexon Cash is the best method, because it's legal, you won't get banned, and you will not lose your account. So enjoy your Free Nexon Cash and leave any questions or comments that you may have.